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Google DC reception. Credit: CNETLast night hundreds of Washingtonians braved a cold and wet wintry mix to attend a reception hosted by Google as they unveiled their new DC office space.  Although Google has been in Washington for some time, occupying temporary offices on Penn Ave, this move is significant primarily because it further evidences the search giant’s commitment to establishing a stronger, more permanent presence in the nation’s capital.

The New York Ave location is home to approximately 15 Googlers for now – with ample room to expand.  In keeping with Silicon Valley style, the space itself looks more like the Googleplex in Mountain View, rather than a traditional, stodgy law firm which is a welcome departure – and an indication that times, they are a changin’! 

Individual work areas are complete with colorful yoga balls, curved desks and open air studio celings.  Various other meeting spaces including conference rooms, a game room lunch room and kitchen bear names familiar to the DC power set such as the Situation Room, Camp David, and even, yes, a Secret Undisclosed Location – which isn’t too secret considering the bold-lettered sign by the door. 

Google CEO Eric Schmidt attended the event, as well as members of Google DC’s leadership team including Alan Davidson, senior policy counsel, Dr. Vint Cerf, chief Internet evangelist, and Bob Boorstin, corporate communications.  

As guests, we were treated to an open bar and lite fare of mini-beef or turkey burgers, coconut shrimp, lamb, sushi, corn pudding and tiny ice cream cones for dessert.  Vodka and cranberry juice shooters also made the rounds served in test tubes, appropriately named “YouTubes” after the popular video sharing site that Google acquired in October 2006.  However, no worries for parents of Hill staffers, these “series of tubes” were consumed responsibly.


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