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As President Bush wraps up his weeklong trip to Africa today, there is some discussion as whether he has been given due credit for his strong commitment to the people of the region during his tenure.  Under President Bush, the United States has developed extensive progams and initiatives for Africa to address the issues of education, poverty, human rights, democracy, economic development, and health concerns such as the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other treatable diseases.

Jim Long (aka newmediajim), conducted a fascinating impromptu mobile video interview with Irish musician and political activist Sir Bob Geldof, of “We Are the World,” Band Aid, World Aid and The ONE Campaign fame. He has also teamed up with friend and U2 frontman, Bono, in many of these and other global charity endeavors. 

Sir Bob GeldofSir Geldof stated that because of Iraq, the media, as well as many Americans and others in the world, understandably turned their focus away from the U.S. efforts and achievements in Africa.  He praised the President for his leadership and aid to the continent from day one “since he came into the job” stating that “what’s happening in Africa is probably the best that America has done, right up until now.”

At the end of the interview, Sir Geldof was asked about human rights violations in China and how that might affect the upcoming Summer 2008 Olympics slated for August 8th-24th in Beijing.  He called on the Chinese to “act responsibly” and encouraged citizens of the world to “turn off the telly” to get attention of advertisers in an effort to increase the pressure and make a telling impact. 

On Tuesday, Mrs. Laura Bush hosted Ask the White House and answered questions about the trip and U.S. Africa policy.  I also encourage you to read Ambassador Jendayi Frazer’s chat from April 2006 where she discusses the Sudan crisis in Darfur.

After returning from a weeklong visit to Africa, President George W. Bush addressed the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation in Washington, DC on 2/26/2008 and narrated a photo slideshow from the trip.

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  1. rocaboy1uk

    Sorry David but I had to ask, what is the general perception of Americans on Africa’s issues? I live in Kenya and I always come across issues such as the ones u mentioned above, I don’t seem to understand for example how democracy will help many of the troubled nations of this continent? Its brought a lot of chaos and trouble and I have experienced the benefits of democracy, having lived in the States from ’93-98. But is democracy for the African? It sounds like a ridiculous question to ask but I just had to ask!

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