Why do Websites suck? Ask a Hippo!

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2 Responses

  1. Right on. I think it comes down to letting the marketers do what they are supposed to do. When it comes to the web, every marketer MUST have an understanding of:
    1. SEO (getting people to the site)
    2. Quality content creation that offers easy to digest, scanable and useful text (tutorial marketing works best if your product is complex like technology or financial services) Content must also be down to earth and engaging. Boring content = high bounce rate.
    3. Landing page optimization (pages must be set up to promote conversion – so calls to action must be explicit, compelling and above the fold and design must be simple and easy to follow yet still guide readers to your lead conversion forms.)
    4. Metrics analysis. Every web marketer should be analyzing their pages for SERP, traffic, session path, click throughs and bounce rate.

    It amazes me how few sites are truly set up to do these things. I audited a number of Fortune 500 blogs and what struck me most- is how few followed basic conversion psychology or provided any real value to the reader.

  2. J.O. says:

    Outstanding Dave. HIPPO. Not only funny — but extraordinarily true. We didn’t have to worry about HIPPOs in the past — because they were focused on other things. Now that the web has become, well everything, HIPPOs climb on board without any understanding.

    Great column.

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