Almacy ’08: Hope, Change, Experience & Web Savvy!

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Very flattering indeed.  I was thrilled when Diana Falzone called although my wife wasn’t too pleased to hear that I hang out with Maxim models.

Seriously, they almost had me going until I saw the bus banner. Needs a little more CGI work from the pros at ILM to pull that off. However, I have seen that tatoo in at least half a dozen other places, so hence the confusion.

The viral nature of customization is what’s cool here. I see a number of applications, especially when building community, generating awareness or just pranking friends. Well done, News Channel 3.

Of course, I couldn’t resist and had to try it for this candidate. It’s actually quite funny when you match up the images with the reporter’s words. Simple, but funny.

Now go vote for a real candidate this November!

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