While in Austin, I Met a House

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6 Responses

  1. Very cool. AND very Austin.

    Now, can you give me any tips on DC house buying the social media way? This DC-area house hunt thing is a very serious academic challenge.

  2. Dave,
    Thanks so much. Truly a pleasure meeting you in Austin, TX a couple of weeks ago. Thanks so much for helping me with this grand social media experiment!

  3. Mike Chapman says:

    It was great having you down here, David. Come anytime. I’ve had several people tell me that the meeting with you was their favorite Social Media Club meeting so far. I’ll definitely look you up next time I’m in D.C.

  4. David Wiebe says:

    Great speech. Can’t believe I just discovered your page. Interesting bit about how your friend is selling his house in the Internet age but would loved to have known whether or not it was effective in a) getting more interest in the house than he would have through conventional means b) getting interest by qualified potential buyers and c) whether he gets his price or more.

    P.S. Love the quotes on “progressives”. Couldn’t you just as easily replaced with “politicians,” or “human beings.”

  5. David — great to finally meet you in person. Look forward to seeing you again soon. See you online!

  6. Thanks for the PowerPoints, coverage links. Really great stuff! Your post makes me miss Austin quite a bit!

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