The Great “Bleeping” Schlep!

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Here we go, 25 days and counting until Election Day and things are really starting to heat up! The MSM is all in a tizzy with constant last minute “Breaking News” about ACORN, Alaska secession, Bill Ayers, voter fraud, Gov. Palin’s hacked email account and of course, “that one!”The Great Schlep

The question is how do you break through all that fodder to get your message across? Well, the Jewish Council for Education and Research, came up with The Great Schlep and teamed up with comedian Sarah Silverman to promote it. Of course, she brings new meaning to the phrase, “Cuss and discuss!”

So, what is The Great Schlep, you ask? From the site:

The Great Schlep aims to have Jewish grandchildren visit their grandparents in Florida, educate them about Obama, and therefore swing the crucial Florida vote in his favor. Don’t have grandparents in Florida? Not Jewish? No problem! You can still become a schlepper and make change happen in 2008, simply by talking to your relatives about Obama.

WARNING: The video contains some harsh language so not appropriate if children (or co-workers) are nearby.

What do you think? Over the line or not – even for a comedian? If you are attempting to be funny, is it OK to spew a little racist language about? I think Michael Richards might want to weigh in on that.

Interesting concept re: travel in an effort to sway the “senior” vote in a key swing state, but her actual monologue would certainly be considered offensive if, say, a McCain supporter had used it.

If she wants to make fun of herself, her family or even her own faith, that’s her decision. However, her attempted comparison between an “elderly Jewish woman” and a “young black man” was simply racist. And, no, it isn’t funny.

Is this what we have to do to get people’s attention these days or more a commentary on our society?

Is this kind of video the future of awareness campaigns? Can you envision a major brand going this route eventually? The closest I could think of was the Bud Light Swear Jar on BudTV, which was funny and still used the “bleep.”

Whatever your take, it seems to be working. The Great Schlep Facebook group is currently sitting at close to 20,000 members.

To all you Floridians, if The Great Schlep actually works, at least the extra tourism will hopefully be a boost to your economy.


Jackie Mason and the Republican Jewish Coalition responds. Thanks, Jeff B!

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5 Responses

  1. David Wiebe

    I’m surprised that the funnies guy that Sarah Six knows has seemed to have lost his sense of humor with this ad. First of all, it’s Sarah Silverman. If she’s putting out a video you need to take it with the same seriousness as you would Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Her trademark is making over the top racist comments that are in fact making fun of racism. It’s not the same thing as the Michael Richard situation at all.

    Her comparison between an elderly Jewish woman and a young black man was meant to be absurd and comical, indicated by the black man who got up and walked away, disgusted with Sarah’s comparisons.

    I’m also a little surprised at your indignation over this being what we have to do to get attention these days. The McCain campaign said that Obama wanted to teach kindergardner’s about sex as well as outright saying that he hates america so much he pals around with terrorists. And in both cases, he wasn’t joking.

    You’re right that it would have been offensive if it had been done by a McCain supporter (Bill O’Reilly, Karl Rove, Sean Hannity et. al.) but not if it had been done by a comedian who supports McCain.

  2. D2K

    Anyone notice how Sarah Palin wears an Isreal lapel pin? Israel needs all the friends it can get, but this just seems like shameless pandering.

    Let’s hope that Sarah Silverman can get the bubbes into the voting booth, and that there won’t be any butterfly ballots.

  3. David Almacy

    David W. – Don’t get me wrong, I like Sarah Silverman as a comedian. Her dry wit and sarcastic approach is usually right up my alley but not this time.

    I understand why she thinks, and why others may think it’s funny. All I am saying is that it just isn’t to me. The outright name calling and tone of her message is quite divisive and seems to run directly contrary to Sen. Obama’s message of “unity, hope and change.”

    If she had done this on her own, that would be one thing but she is representing the Jewish Council for Education and Research. Admittedly, I don’t know much about this organization. For all I know, it could be a 501(c)(3) front group.

    According to their site, looks like they are a PAC and the only candidate they support on their Candidates page is Sen. Obama. Strangely, no mention of Sarah Silverman or link to her video on their site, but I did find a couple references to The Great Schlep on the About and Project pages.

    I guess I just expect a higher level of discourse when it comes to politics. To your point about a conservative comedian, I can’t think of any who would produce a similarly themed video.

    I mean, can you see Dennis Miller using this approach? Wait, wasn’t Andrew “Dice” Clay a Republican? OK, he might do it – but only because he needs the work. Oooohhhhh!

  4. jer979

    this is part of working within the jewish political environment. It’s more of a commentary on how young Jews think/vote than anything else

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