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Well, sort of. I started using Hootsuite, a web based Twitter app, in mid-April 2009. I like many of the site’s features, especially the ability to schedule tweets, manage multiple social media accounts, monitor keywords and track link stats via their propietary URL shortener Get it? Hoot as in “owl.” Pretty clever and just as effective as, though I use that occasionally, as well.

HootsuiteAt any rate, I have become pretty reliant on Hootsuite and use it almost exclusively when tweeting from my desk. When on Blackberry, I use ÜberTwitter which also offers built in URL shortening functionality.

Basically, I was curious to see which of my tweets generated the most interest in 2009. The challenge, however, comes in determining how to measure that. The closest I can estimate is by looking at those with the most clicks.

As mentioned in a previous post (TweetLevel: Rating Twitter’s Influence), I try to strike a 30/30/30/10 balance between politics, communications, personal and miscellaneous tweets. Given the link popularity, looks like that strategy has worked pretty well.

Here’s how they stacked up in 2009:

    Arlington (Va): The Rap So when people tell me Remy where you calling from? I say a straight up thug town called Arlington 
    1083 Clicks

    TMZ reporting that actress Brittany Murphy, 32, died this morning after suffering full cardiac arrest
    1023 Clicks

    Congress’ Best (And Worst) Committee Web Sites (via @nationaljournal) Reviewers @sheiladcusa @cheeky_geeky @JohnWonderlich
    847 Clicks

    Tiger Woods, Obama On Golf Digest Cover Together (PHOTO)
    750 Clicks

    George W. Bush Secretly Visits Fort Hood Victims
    671 Clicks

    @DanaPerino is all fired up! RT @rooseveltroom VIDEO: Unfit to Host? #olympics #chicago2016 
    217 Clicks

    Ex-Bush flacks find footing w/ Ari @DanaPerino @ScottStanzel @TonyFratto @ksullie Nice pic, Dan B! (via @politico
    167 Clicks

    VIDEO: Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol and Debra Burlingame launch new group “Keep America Safe”
    136 Clicks

    Goodbye to dot com domains? Yes ICANN! But @Slate says don’t do it!
    122 Clicks

    Why Google Wants You To Google Yourself (TIME) Interesting take on the future of the “vanity search”
    109 Clicks

My two most popular links were retweets (RT) that generated 680 and 143 clicks each which would’ve placed them at #5 and #8 respectively on the list above.

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