Top 20 Social Media News Stories of 2009

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  1. FamousDC says:

    Great list – keep up the good work in 2010!

  2. Worlds apart ~ Wow! Two things stand out to me. Kanye’s stupid pet trick and the United Airlines BS.

    It is soooo rewarding to think that the guitar video moved the airline to even a small scramble. Oh I hope they were shook. Customer service from monolithic, “we’re too big to hear you or relate with your complaints” companies is hopefully changed, for the better, forever.

    Great list, thanks for the hard work and the memories.

  3. Tom Gremm says:

    The country is brain dead – catch the story on an unchecked social media outlet.

  4. Great list and great stroll down social media memory lane.

    One addition to the list: the NASA name the space station contest that was co-opted to great delight by Stephen Colbert. NASA gets snaps for making lemonade from what chould have been a nightmare. Good job, as we expect, from NASA.

  5. I had seen most of these at some point, but I totally missed the United Breaks Guitars one.

    I would quarrel with your Top 10 Twitter Users though. The people you mentioned have the highest numbers of followers, but are far from the greatest users.

    On my personal account @alainsaffel I have more tweets than the top 8 combined. Some of them only qualify as vanity tweeters (not to be a twitsnob or anything).

    For the top tweeters, I’d be interested in knowing who’s at the top and hasn’t automated their tweets. 1.5 million? Totally automated!

    Great summary of the top 20 social media stories of 2009 though.

  6. 15 story of these media news is fantastic

  7. Hautärzte Düsseldorf says:

    The Hudson story is truly amazing.

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