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GOP Wins Senate, Dominates #Election2014 Headlines

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Last night was a big night for Republicans. The American people headed to the polls yesterday and voted overwhelmingly for the GOP in the 2014 Midterm Election which resulted in a seven seat pick up in the Senate, +13 in the House and a +3 swing among governors.

Three US Senate race results are yet to be decided. Votes are too close to call in Alaska and Virginia. A runoff in Louisiana is slated for December.

So far, here’s the breakdown (via Real Clear Politics) as of 11/5/14:

Democrats 45* (-7)
Republicans 52 (+7)
*Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT) & Sen. Angus King (I-ME) currently caucus with the Democrats.

Democrats 179 (-13)
Republicans 243 (+13)

Democrats 17 (-3)
Republicans 31 (+3)

Below is a recap of some the front pages around the country’s most notable print publications featuring the GOP wins:

The Washington Post
Washington Post 110514

The Washington Times
Washington Times 110514

USA Today 110514

The New York Times
New York Times 110514

The Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal 110514

… and then there was this:

The Huffington Post
Huffington Post 110514

On to 2016!

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