Engage launches Scorecard

Engage is excited to announce the launch of our newest innovative social media project, Scorecard. This interactive platform is a one-stop digital dashboard that aggregates and displays social media and fundraising data of every presidential candidate who officially entered the 2016 race to the White House.

While potential voter support is tracked daily through a variety of traditional methods and antiquated polls. At Engage, we couldn’t help but ask the question: Is there a correlation between social media success and political success?

Scorecard was designed with an emphasis on user experience, ensuring information is presented clearly making it easy to navigate and comprehend. Processing each candidate’s recently reported fundraising numbers, as well as activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can seem overwhelming at first, but with our clean, aesthetically inspired design, users can easily access the information they need and uncover hidden insights never before seen in one place.


Social media statistics for each candidate are updated hourly and displayed to ensure that the rankings are as timely and accurate as possible. In addition, Scorecard is mobile-friendly so you can stay up to date anywhere on any device

At Engage, we understand the role digital plays in politics and our daily lives. As the General Election nears, we are excited to see how Scorecard can jump start a dialogue on how candidates are using the Internet to better engage with the citizenry.

We are proud to provide this new tool for those interested in the future of democracy and our great nation. To check out more recent projects or get more information on how we can help you win, visit http://enga.ge or send us a note.


Originally posted via Engage.

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