My Case for Kasich

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  1. Matt O'Meilia says:

    Extremely well said. Thank you for publishing this. I’m 54, a lifelong Republican, and Kasich is the first candidate I’ve ever been inspired to financially support, which is something because I’m as tight as a snare drum. But I see such a solid leader in Kasich. As you said, he is such a contrast to all of the other airhorns blowing at these debates, so sensible, so smart, so experienced, so practical, which is why it totally baffles me that Trump is so far in front. And I just read that Chris Christie, Kasich’s fellow governor, endorsed Trump. Astounding! This whole idea of “the establishment” not wanting Kasich mystifies me. How are Republicans not leaping onto the Kasich train? Are they just not listening, is he just not flashy enough or not have enough catch-phrases? Is he too reasonable? I hope he can hang in there until Trump’s inevitable implosion.

  2. Khanh Luu says:

    Thank you for your writing. I feel like finding a soul mate finally! I have been also doing my best to support financially the governor to keep campaigning with my modest contributions. I am also starting to twitter actively in favor of John Kasich. We should not give up. We must turn the tide! People have not been thinking. They hate Washington politics, but the gridlock is the result of our current president who was inexperienced when he first became president and his polarizing attitude! John Kasich is the opposite of Obama. Thank you for sharing. If we all voice out strongly and let people and media know!

  3. Tim Jakubisin says:

    I have a strong revulsion of the future I envision we will face if Donald Trump is elected President. I cannot see pointing to him as a role model in any capacity. Washington, Adams,Jefferson, Lincoln, Grant,Eisenhower, Reagan …these were people I esteem and am grateful for. I am also grateful for the serious effort our forbearers invested in their discernment process to sift their choices and elect these noble citizen servants. The Lincoln Douglas debates for example were long complex position statements. We do not get the like from the front-runners at this time. But I do believe we have a candidate for the ages in John Kasich. Every citizen should soberly assess the situation, the candidates, and their own awesome responsibility…with intellectual rigor, considering our responsibility to our posterity and our ancestors, and to the family of man. Only one candidate is able, up to the task. I’ve weighed the choices and have no doubt that John Kasich is not only our best choice, but a great gift to us. He alone has the complete embodiment of experience, persona and integrity to be the great statesman of our time and for the benefit of those who follow us.

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