Election Night Coverage: Campaign 2008

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FOX 5 News Election CoverageOn Election night, I appeared on FOX 5 News (WTTG) TV and myfoxdc.com with weekend anchor Will Thomas as part of their LIVE Election Night coverage from 8 PM to 12 Midnight.

I also live blogged here on CapitalGig and via Twitter (@almacy). Here’s how it all unfolded…


6:34 PM CapitalGig: Freedom Isn’t Free, but Coffee and Donuts Are http://tinyurl.com/5czf3e

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Freedom Isn’t Free, but Coffee and Donuts Are

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Like millions of Americans, I exercised my civic duty and voted today. It was a breeze. No line at all and we were in and out in five minutes – literally. I VotedI even got my standard little “I Voted” sticker. In fact, I still have the last one from when I voted in the Virginia Primary. I put it on the dashboard in my car and for some reason, just left it there. However, today that sticker is actually worth something.

At the end of my last post I pointed out that voters can take advantage of tons of free stuff today, November 4th, after voting. Using the election season to promote your brand is pretty smart marketing. For example, Starbucks is giving away free cups of tall coffee. So, I stopped by and it was quite crowded. I overheard one woman say, “I love the fact that everyone has their stickers on today.”

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Election Eve Predictions

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Here we are on the night before Campaign 2008 officially comes to a close. I have listened to the pundits, read the blogs, checked in with Twitter and reviewed all the polls. It indeed seems that all signs point to an Obama victory.

McCain vs. Obama Yard SignsOr do they? There are some less traditional ways to predict Presidential elections, as well. Let’s take a look at a couple, as well as some ideas for what to do after you vote.

Unofficial Virginia Yard Sign Poll
Speaking of signs, I was driving in to work after dropping off my daughter at school last week and noticed that there were quite a few yard signs in my Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood. So, just for kicks, I decided to actually count them today.

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States, Debates & Running Mates

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One week to go until Election Day! After almost two long years of campaigning, we are finally in the home stretch and these days everyone is a political pundit and prognosticator. If you believe the latest polls, we will all be heading to bed early on November 4th with an Obama-Biden landslide victory while McCain-Palin and the GOP receive another “thumpin’” akin to the 2006 midterm election.

almacy.predictnovember.comWhat do you think? Want to play pollster? A friend of mine sent a link to PredictNovember.com via Facebook which gives users an opportunity to predict the outcome via their own electoral map. Will swing states like Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida go RED or BLUE? You make the call!

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The Great “Bleeping” Schlep!

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Here we go, 25 days and counting until Election Day and things are really starting to heat up! The MSM is all in a tizzy with constant last minute “Breaking News” about ACORN, Alaska secession, Bill Ayers, voter fraud, Gov. Palin’s hacked email account and of course, “that one!”The Great Schlep

The question is how do you break through all that fodder to get your message across? Well, the Jewish Council for Education and Research, came up with The Great Schlep and teamed up with comedian Sarah Silverman to promote it. Of course, she brings new meaning to the phrase, “Cuss and discuss!”

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We haven’t seen a whole lot of former Vice President Al Gore lately. He has been relatively quiet since his 2000 presidential run and his endorsement of former Gov. Howard Dean in 2004. There was some conjecture that he might even throw his hat in the ring in 2008. During a keynote at the 2007 PRSA Conference in Philadelphia, the late host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Tim Russert, pointed out that since losing his bid for the presidency, Gore has won an Oscar, an Emmy and the Nobel Peace Prize, and sits on the boards of numerous corporate giants, including Google. Russert joked that the Oval Office might actually be a step down for Gore!

Current: Hack the DebateThis cycle, it seems that the former veep has gone from counting chads to tracking tweets via the global TV network Current, which he owns with business partner Joel Hyatt. Current has been on the air since 2005 and provides a variety of short programs, or “pods,” created by users called VC2 producers, as well as longer programs produced by the network.

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#RNC08 via Ustream.tv

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Why watch the GOP Convention on television when you can get it LIVE on Ustream?

Free video streaming by Ustream

Kinda makes you feel like a delegate with a front row seat, minus the funny hat blocking your view.

Drill Here, Tweet Now – and Qik!

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It has been fascinating to watch GOP lawmakers during the past few days take to the House floor – even though Congress has adjourned for a five week District Work Period (read: vacation) – urging Speaker Pelosi to call Members back for a vote on energy relief.

#dontgo movement
Since MSM cameras are “dark” and reporters are locked out when Congress isn’t officially in session, the only way to communicate has been via the Internet.

A massive grassroots effort has grown online with the recent launch of the new #dontgo web site that Patrick Ruffini dubs “officially a movement.”

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Young Internet Voter.com

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We get it, the Internet matters – but how much in the political world? And what about younger voters? Will the Web affect the way they cast their ballots on Election Day? We found out.

Waggener Edstrom Worldwide Young Internet Voter of 2008 StudyEarlier this week, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide released results from the Young Internet Voter of 2008 Study. We wanted to learn more about Young Internet Voters (18-35 year olds) and how they are using digital communications to gather information about the 2008 U.S. presidential race.

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Almacy ’08: Hope, Change, Experience & Web Savvy!

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Very flattering indeed.  I was thrilled when Diana Falzone called although my wife wasn’t too pleased to hear that I hang out with Maxim models.

Seriously, they almost had me going until I saw the bus banner. Needs a little more CGI work from the pros at ILM to pull that off. However, I have seen that tatoo in at least half a dozen other places, so hence the confusion.

The viral nature of customization is what’s cool here. I see a number of applications, especially when building community, generating awareness or just pranking friends. Well done, News Channel 3.

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