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Election Night Coverage: Campaign 2008

On Election night, I appeared on FOX 5 News (WTTG) TV and with weekend...


Freedom Isn’t Free, but Coffee and Donuts Are

Like millions of Americans, I exercised my civic duty and voted today. It was a...


Election Eve Predictions

Here we are on the night before Campaign 2008 officially comes to a close. I have listened to the pundits, read the blogs, checked in with Twitter and reviewed all the polls. It indeed seems that all signs point to an Obama victory. Or do they? There are some less traditional ways to predict Presidential elections, as well. Let’s take a look.


States, Debates & Running Mates

One week to go until Election Day! After almost two long years of campaigning, we...


The Great “Bleeping” Schlep!

Here we go, 25 days and counting until Election Day and things are really starting...



We haven’t seen a whole lot of former Vice President Al Gore lately. He has been relatively quiet since his 2000 presidential bid and his endorsement of former Gov. Howard Dean in 2004. … This cycle, it seems that the former veep has gone from counting chads to tracking tweets via the global TV network Current, which he owns with business partner Joel Hyatt.


#RNC08 via

Why watch the GOP Convention on television when you can get it LIVE on Ustream?...


Drill Here, Tweet Now – and Qik!

It has been fascinating to watch GOP lawmakers during the past few days take to the House...


Young Internet

We get it, the Internet matters – but how much in the political world? And...


Almacy ’08: Hope, Change, Experience & Web Savvy!

Very flattering indeed.  I was thrilled when Diana Falzone called although my wife wasn’t too...