Almacy ’08: Hope, Change, Experience & Web Savvy!

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Very flattering indeed.  I was thrilled when Diana Falzone called although my wife wasn’t too pleased to hear that I hang out with Maxim models.

Seriously, they almost had me going until I saw the bus banner. Needs a little more CGI work from the pros at ILM to pull that off. However, I have seen that tatoo in at least half a dozen other places, so hence the confusion.

The viral nature of customization is what’s cool here. I see a number of applications, especially when building community, generating awareness or just pranking friends. Well done, News Channel 3.

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Defending Dot Govs

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Politics Online Conference 2008This week, a few hundred convened to attend the 2-day Politics Online Conference 2008 hosted by the  Institute for Politics Democracy and the Internet (IPDI) at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC. 

On Day 2, I had the pleasure of participating on the Morning Plenary panel sponsored by POLITICO entitled, “White House 2.0.”  We discussed how the Internet, which has been so prevalent in the current presidiential race, will possibly change how a future administration will govern.

The panel, moderated by Ari Schwartz, Center for Democracy and Technology included Sunlight Foundation Executive Director Ellen Miller, former U.S. Congressman Rick White of the Wood Bay Group and Tom Steinberg from the UK’s mySociety.org.

It was a very lively discussion where a number of innovative ideas for citizen activist and engagement websites were shared – but, in my opinion, most would be best managed outside the official dot gov arena.  There are a number of current restrictions and regulations that govern federal government sites that may provide some barriers to participation. 

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