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Grading WhiteHouse.gov

Back in March, Jose Antonio Vargas from The Washington Post assembled a bipartisan group of five panelists to periodically review President Obama’s White House Website in a feature called “Grading WhiteHouse.gov.”


While in Austin, I Met a House

I love Austin, Texas!  Seriously, what’s not to like?  It’s both a powerful capital city...


Defending Dot Govs

This week, a few hundred convened to attend the 2-day Politics Online Conference 2008 hosted by the  Institute for Politics Democracy...


Senate’s E-Gov Technical Difficulties

In preparation for an upcoming speaking engagement, I was doing some research on Sen. Lieberman’s...


Preschooler Votes in Virginia Primary!

The “Potomac Primaries” for Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia are in full swing today as...