The Twitter Revolt Against Mainstream Media

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From Moldova to Motrin Moms, Twitter has become the arena of coordinated, widespread revolution several times over the last year. Still, when we look back on how the microblogging platform has evolved into a low-barrier tool for grassroots organizing, these will only be footnotes to the events of the last few days in Tehran. As protestors took to the streets of Iran to voice their discontent with the 2009 presidential election results, people from around the world were attentively watching updates from the ground on Twitter, long before hearing reports from any major news outlets.

Iranian protestsThe collection of status updates on Twitter provided the world an inside look on the dire situation within Iran from firsthand accounts, each message deeply personal and compelling to a worldwide audience. But when the masses turned to their favorite cable news network for more information, they were met with Mike Huckabee talking about credit cards or other irrelevant programming. With no recognizable coverage in mainstream media as events unfolded, it led users to cry foul on the news networks, demanding more information than 140 characters could deliver.

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Election Night Coverage: Campaign 2008

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FOX 5 News Election CoverageOn Election night, I appeared on FOX 5 News (WTTG) TV and myfoxdc.com with weekend anchor Will Thomas as part of their LIVE Election Night coverage from 8 PM to 12 Midnight.

I also live blogged here on CapitalGig and via Twitter (@almacy). Here’s how it all unfolded…


6:34 PM CapitalGig: Freedom Isn’t Free, but Coffee and Donuts Are http://tinyurl.com/5czf3e

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Election Eve Predictions

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Here we are on the night before Campaign 2008 officially comes to a close. I have listened to the pundits, read the blogs, checked in with Twitter and reviewed all the polls. It indeed seems that all signs point to an Obama victory.

McCain vs. Obama Yard SignsOr do they? There are some less traditional ways to predict Presidential elections, as well. Let’s take a look at a couple, as well as some ideas for what to do after you vote.

Unofficial Virginia Yard Sign Poll
Speaking of signs, I was driving in to work after dropping off my daughter at school last week and noticed that there were quite a few yard signs in my Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood. So, just for kicks, I decided to actually count them today.

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Preschooler Votes in Virginia Primary!

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The “Potomac Primaries” for Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia are in full swing today as voters head to the polls to select their favorite candidate in the 2008 race for the White House. This morning, I took my four year-old daughter to our local polling location, an elementary school in Virginia.

I expected there to be long lines of anxious commuters angrily elbowing their way to the voting booths but, thankfully, I saw none of that and was simply amazed at the ease of the process.

There were about ten people in line ahead of us, but it moved very quickly. When we got to the front, I presented my driver’s license ID, they checked me off the list, asked me to choose a Republican or Democrat card (Virginia voters participate in an “open primary“) and we were off to vote.  I lifted my daughter up onto a chair, pointed to my candidate of choice and she touched the screen to cast and record my vote.  That was it! 

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