Lessig Mulls Congressional Bid

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Lawrence Lessig, a Stanford Law Professor, author and Internet civil liberties advocate made two annoucements on his blog this week – the formation of Change Congress and that he is considering a run for Congress in California’s 12th District to fill the seat of late Congressman Tom Lantos.

As a self-proclaimed “progressive (pc word for liberal),” Lessig will most likely face former state Sen. Jackie Speier in the Democratic primary and he responded to strong objections from some that his entrance into the race would only serve to stall her “deserved” bid.Will Oremus of the San Jose Mercury News reports: 

Known as a fighter for the public interest in the Internet age, Lessig has picked Congress as his latest target. His bid to replace the late Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo, would be part of his broader campaign finance reform project, called “Change Congress.”

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Sir Bob Geldof on Africa

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As President Bush wraps up his weeklong trip to Africa today, there is some discussion as whether he has been given due credit for his strong commitment to the people of the region during his tenure.  Under President Bush, the United States has developed extensive progams and initiatives for Africa to address the issues of education, poverty, human rights, democracy, economic development, and health concerns such as the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other treatable diseases.

Jim Long (aka newmediajim), conducted a fascinating impromptu mobile video interview with Irish musician and political activist Sir Bob Geldof, of “We Are the World,” Band Aid, World Aid and The ONE Campaign fame. He has also teamed up with friend and U2 frontman, Bono, in many of these and other global charity endeavors. 

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