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Do the Research!

Some people really thrive on the excitement of aggressively securing a new lead, while others are uncomfortable with the pursuit. In either case, there’s no excuse — especially with all the information available on the Internet these days — for not performing even the most basic research before reaching out to a prospect.


Grading WhiteHouse.gov

Back in March, Jose Antonio Vargas from The Washington Post assembled a bipartisan group of five panelists to periodically review President Obama’s White House Website in a feature called “Grading WhiteHouse.gov.”


White House Wireside Chats

According to Mike Allen, who writes Politico.com’s Playbook, the Obama-Biden transition stated on Friday that “No President-elect or President has ever turned the radio address into a multi-media opportunity before.” Actually, that’s not true. All of President George W. Bush’s radio addresses have been available on WhiteHouse.gov, published weekly on the White House Radio page, since January 27, 2001. In addition, President Bush has delivered several LIVE radio addresses, many of which included a webcast, audio, photos and on demand video post event.


Call to Service

Last night, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain participated in a forum on volunteerism...


Defending Dot Govs

This week, a few hundred convened to attend the 2-day Politics Online Conference 2008 hosted by the  Institute for Politics Democracy...


Senate’s E-Gov Technical Difficulties

In preparation for an upcoming speaking engagement, I was doing some research on Sen. Lieberman’s...


Sir Bob Geldof on Africa

As President Bush wraps up his weeklong trip to Africa today, there is some discussion as whether he has...